Props N Pistons

Great to be at the Props N Pistons show on bank holiday Monday as part of the Bridgestone display. Spoke to lots of nice people and worked hard to entertain the kids.

Sad to see the young man in the top picture is now stuck in a wheelchair because of a motorcycle accident. He got caught out by a patch of gravel very soon after passing his test and has suffered life changing injuries. It brought home to me how important our campaign is to bring home the benefits of off road training and how it makes safer road riders.  I just want to wish him all the best for the future.


Brilliant two days this week with a Dakar super fan. Despite his young age, Barney is a massive fan of the Dakar and is already dreaming about entering the race one day. It’s been a privilege to be a part of that dream and hopefully help him on his way. Who knows, if I can manage another one in 2030, we could share that journey together. Never say never.


Fellow Sufferer


Today was the sort of day that really makes me want to get up in a morning.

Craig came along on one of our regular school days recently and whilst listening to my tumour story happened to mention that he had a friend in a similar position that would love to learn to ride a bike. What could I possibly say other than “bring him down, it would be my pleasure to teach him”.

Chris had surgery 5 years ago, but as is often the case, they weren’t able to remove all of the tumour and now it is growing back. Chris is on his own journey trying to raise enough money to pay for a new type of treatment available in Germany. I can only wish him every success with that and in the meantime, hopefully he can find the time to do some more riding. Today was just the first step.



Training Night

Excellent evening training session last night. This is quite a physical track, but I’m feeling stronger all the time. Spent some time following Adam round which really helps me to push myself. If I want to be fit enough for the rally, I probably need to be able to sustain 4 or 5 hours riding continuously round a track like this, so still plenty of work to do.